Steep Slope Roofing Systems

steep slope roofing


Steep Slope Roofs

You might be wondering if your commercial roof is a steep slope or low slope roof. Well, a steep slope is defined as a roof that has a slope of 3:12, which means that every 12 horizontal inches the roof rises 3 inches. Steep slope roofs can be designed and installed with a wide variety of materials, like asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or metal. Steep slope roofs are aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and have excellent drainage systems.

Steep Slope Roof System Installation

The installation for a steep slope roof system requires trained, experienced technicians because of the intricate process. Steep slope roofing systems are installed using a shingle method or by individual pieces. Steep slope systems installation consists of three parts - roof deck, underlayment, and roof covering. A steep slope roof desk is a structural layer made usually out of wood. The underlayment, referred as the paper or felt, is a layer that protects the steep slope roof during installation, and also provides an extra layer of protection from the weather conditions. A roof covering is an external layer to ensure weatherproofing, specifically for water resistance.

Steep Slope Roofing Services:

  • Emergency Repairs/Temporary Roofs
  • Maintenance and Service Programs
  • New Construction
  • Partial/Complete Roof Replacement
  • Roof Analysis and Budgeting
  • Roof Consulting
  • Infared Thermo Image
  • Green Roof Systems

Steep Slope Roofing System Coverings

In terms of coverings for steep slope roofs, there are six main classifications. The coverings include asphalt shingles, clay & concrete tile, metal, slate, wood shakes & shingles, and synthetic. To read more on the types of steep slope roof materials click here!

Why choose Cotton Roofing for your steep slope roof?

Cotton Roofing has installed all types of pitched roof, whether it be multi-family, a church, or a retail shopping center. Including every system from standing seam, slate, and even composition shingles. Cotton Roofing has the newest state of the art equipment both for production and for safety. Cotton Roofing has the ability to have any custom built metal roofing profile built at the factory or we can have a roll form on site, this allows us to service any steep slope roofing challenge no matter how high or how steep. Cotton Roofing also has very strong relationships with National Roofing distributors and all major Roofing Factories, which allows us to negotiate the best value for the end users. Cotton Roofing will have at least one full-time safety officer on all steep slope roofing projects. All Cotton Roofing employees go through continual safety training to exceed all OSHA standards. Cotton Roofing is an Industry leader in how our watch department monitors the weather both in real time and forecasting the near future. This helps not production but in scheduling material deliveries.