BUR Roofing & Modified Bitumen Systems

Cotton Roofing is certified and experienced with BUR Roofing & Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. Cotton will design, install and service the best system based on roof traffic, accessibility, geography, and other factors to best meet the customer needs. 

What is a BUR System?

A BUR system is a built up roof membrane, which is most commonly known as the tar and gravel roofs. The BUR systems have been used in the U.S. for more than 100 years and has an application process that alternates layers of bitumen and fabrics that create the finished membrane. After built-up roofing systems are layered with the bitumen and fabric, its covered with gravel and weather resistant coatings. Unlike the single-ply roofing, BUR systems are around three or four ply. The BUR systems provide enhanced water resistance for your commercial building.

What is a Modified Bitumen?

Bitumen are the layers of the BUR system, which consists of either asphalt, coal tar, or cold-applied adhesive. A Modified Bitumen system, unlike the BUR system, combines the bitumen and fabric layers during the application process creating a single ply. There are two main types of Modified Bitumen systems - SBS & AAP. SBS is known as styrene butadiene styrene, and it allows the bitumen system to be flexible with strong expansion properties. APP is known as atactic polypropylene, which ensures a longer lifespan of the Modified Bitumen system. The Modified Bitumen has become a widely used alternative low slope roofing system because of its durability, weather resistance, and repairs are extremely easy and cost effective. 

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