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Flat Roof Systems

A low slope roof is also commonly referred to as a flat roof. A flat roof is an ancient form, and can be seen on commercial buildings throughout the world! For a roof to be considered a flat roof system, the roof must have a pitch less than 3:12, which means that for every 12 horizontal inches the roof raises less than 3 inches. Low slope roofing systems require several components, which includes flashing, copings, and drains to ensure a long-lasting, weatherproof flat roof system. Furthermore, commercial low slope roofing systems have insulation, cover boards, underlayments, and extra coatings. All of these components add thermal protection, extra weatherproofing capabilities, moisture barriers, and corrosion resistance for the low slope roofing systems.

Low Slope Roof Guarantees

Through building and installing low slope roofing repairs and replacements all over the United States, Cotton Roofing can give the end user the best options for any low slope roofing challenge. Taking into consideration height, size, wind codes, energy efficacy and budget, Cotton Roofing can offer Factory backed NDL (no dollar limit) warranties up to 20 years, but can sometimes exceed that guarantee. With Cotton Roofing’s National Presence, we have the ability to negotiate the best deal on materials which in return means the best value for you flat roof systems.

Cotton Roofing also offers annual roofing inspections with reports, pictures and any repairs on a flat roof system that's needed listed and priced out. This helps ownership groups prepare a roofing budget for the next year, and it can also help in the case of an event such as hail or other severe weather damage. If the ownership group has dated pictures showing no damage, it can remove any doubt about liability both from a natural event or a factory defect. By addressing a small roofing problem today, you can avoid a big one in the future. All Cotton Roofing projects are inspected by a factory inspector at multiple stages during a project.

Low Slope Roofing Services:

  • Emergency Repairs/Temporary Roofs
  • Maintenance and Service Programs
  • New Construction
  • Partial/Complete Roof Replacement
  • Roof Analysis and Budgeting
  • Roof Consulting
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Green Roof Systems