Commercial Storm & Hail Damage Repair

At Cotton Roofing, we specialize in commercial emergency roof repair and restoration. Many repairs that our team has been called in to help within the United States have been for commercial building roofs damaged as a direct result of hail or wind. When severe weather affects a commercial building's roof, minimizing damage to the facility, products and equipment are a high priority. We can provide temporary roofing solutions for restoral of services to minimize business downtime, as well as permanent commercial roofing solutions.

Cotton Roofing's offers unparalleled experience and expertise in emergency roofing repair and in disaster response situations. We service ANY geographic location 24 /7 with our national presence and global capabilities.

Hail & Storm Damage on Commercial Roofs

You can predict the hail or storm, but you can't predict the amount of damage on your commercial building and roof! However, there are roofing factors that can increase the damage on your roof when there is a hail or storm.

  • Materials: The roofing materials, like aluminum or other metals, can have extremely different responses to hail versus PVC roofing
  • Age: The damage from the storms will intensify if your commercial roof is old, and hasn't had a roof coating.
  • Wind/Density: The wind strength and density of hail, which can sometimes be the size of a golf ball, will contribute to the damage.
  • Barriers: Any trees or barriers surrounding your commercial roof can further damage or limit the amount of damage.

Commercial Storm Damage Repair FAQ

There are so many questions on commercial storm damage repairs, and that's why Cotton Roofing is here to help! Below are some common questions answered.

Q. How much will it cost to repair my commercial building?

A. There isn't necessarily a set cost for repairing commercial roofs because the damages can range making it difficult to have a set cost for repairs. Also, the terms of your commercial insurance policy may vary. Cotton Roofing recommends scheduling a consultation, and we will be able to further assess the damages.

Q. How soon should I repair my commercial roof after damages?

A. Cotton Roofing recommends repairing your commercial roof ASAP! Hail and storm damage can cause leaking, mold, or structural damage to your building. From our experience, we've seen that insurance companies usually have an expiration on the claim, which is why we recommend filing and restoring immediately. 

Q. What are the risks of not restoring after hail or storm damage to my roof?

A. There are several risks of not restoring, which include wear, leaking, and even reduced shingle life expectancy. We have even seen roofs collapse because of delayed storm damage restoration. 


Experienced Staff in Hail & Severe Weather Damage

All Cotton Roofing Project Coordinators (estimators) are trained how to identify and categorize the level of damage caused by hail, wind and debris from severe weather events. This can help the end user get an idea of the life left in a roofing system, which in returns helps more accurately build budgets and time lines.

hail damage roof repair

In the case of a total roofing loss to hail damage, Cotton Roofing (PC) are also trained to use all of the software the insurance adjusters use. In these situations, this cuts the time it takes to settle an insurance claim dramatically. We have relationships with a lot of Insurance adjusters who use Cotton Roofing as a source for a baseline estimate. There are many types of roofing systems and the all show hail damage differently. It can take years of roofing experience to be able to identify hail damage on all roofing systems. For example, sometimes hail only shows damage on the inside of the roofing system. The ISO can be damaged but the cap sheet not show it as well. Hail comes in many size, hardness, directions and show damage in many different ways. Cotton Roofing is a industry leader in diagnosing, estimating and installing in all applications.

Roofing Services:

  • Emergency Repairs/Temporary Roofs
  • Maintenance and Service Programs
  • New Construction
  • Partial/Complete Roof Replacement
  • Roof Analysis and Budgeting
  • Roof Consulting
  • Infared Thermo Image
  • Green Roof Systems

Benefits of Cotton Roofing

  • Cotton Roofing’s Rapid Response is available 24/7, year-round, through our regional offices throughout the United States. Our experienced roofing inspectors will rush to your location to assess damage and recommend solutions.
  • Clients are relieved of the burden of liaising with other individuals and entities involved in the roofing project. Cotton Roofing will coordinate with all those who have an interest in the project including insurers, building owners, property managers, architects, engineers, investors, general contractors and others.
  • Cotton Roofing’s experience of working with all the major insurance companies helps speed up the claims process, leading to faster settlement.
  • Cotton Roofing is an approved installer and service provider for all major roofing systems, and clients receive the benefits associated with manufacturers’ NDL warranties.
  • Cotton Roofing’s experience with a wide range of roofing systems means the company is well qualified to help clients select the one most suited to their particular need and environment. Among the roofing systems Cotton is certified to install are: modified bitumen; silicone and acrylic coatings; built-up systems; composition shingles; sprayed polyurethane foam; green roof systems; single play; metal; tile.

Arizona Hail Damage Case Study

A violent storm in Arizona, brought strong winds and hail – some as large as golf balls - to the greater Phoenix region. Cotton Roofing sent a team of national and regional directors, estimators and project managers to Phoenix to assist the local of-fice with consulting, site assessments, estimating and production following the sudden deluge of roofing work.
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