Single Ply & Commercial PVC Roofing Services

Cotton Roofing designs single ply roofing services to best fit the individual building needs. Cotton is certified and experienced deploying, installing, and servicing multiple single ply or any commercial PVC roofing services, including EPDM,and TPO, from multiple manufacturers with factory NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranties available. Cotton has well established and long term partnerships nationally with Carlisle, Firestone, Dura Last, and other reputable roofing manufacturers. 

There are various ways to repair your commercial roof, but Cotton Roofing focuses on the three main membrane roof repairs.

  • PVC Membrane Roof Repair
  • EPDM Membrane Roof Repair
  • TPO Membrane Roof Repair

single ply flexible roofing

Thermoplastic PVC Roofing Services

Thermoplastic PVC Roofing is a type of single-ply flexible roofing service, sometimes referred to as vinyl roofing. This service originates from membrane roofing. PVC thermoplastic membrane roofing is for buildings and tanks, and is usually performed on flat roofs for leak prevention. Also, PVC roofing membranes are made of thick thermoplastic materials that are highly UV-resistant. This allows most PVC roofs to have a substantially long life cycle. Installation for PVC systems is relatively simple and can be easily adhered. PVC membranes are also heat-welded or fused together to form strong watertight seams and bonds. However, PVC systems are not recommended in areas with extreme or harsh weather conditions, as it is not a prime material for such conditions, such as the cold.

EPDM Flexible Roofing Services

EPDM- short for ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a type of single-ply flexible roofing system primarily used for flat roofing and low-slope commercial roofing. EPDM roofing systems have unmatched and unique characteristics, such as being highly durable, UV resistant, and flexible. EPDM roofing membranes hold up well in the cold, allowing it to be more resistant to hail damage. Installation is relatively easy and can be installed by either adhesion, mechanically attaching, or ballasting.

TPO Flexible Roofing Services

TPO- short for thermoplastic polyolefin, is a type of flexible single-ply roofing system. TPO roofing membranes are known for their excellent performance, high seam strength, climate resistance, and flexibility in harsher climates. TPO is favored for its easy installation, capable of being fully ballasted and mechanically fastened. TPO membranes are also known to combine the many benefits of PVC & EPDM roofing systems while being more energy efficient and economically conscious.

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In addition, Cotton has executive level relationships with distributors covering all regions in the country, allowing for uninterrupted service in even the most challenging circumstances. Cotton Roofing can also install factory skylights that are covered in the roofing warranty, this way there is no back and forth over how is responsible for a leak around a sky light. With the new green energy, technology skylights are going to become a play a very big part in the roofing industry. Cotton Roofing also installs factory warrantied walk pads around all mechanical equipment this helps extend the life of your new roof.