Cotton Roofing At Forefront of Arizona Hail Storm Recovery Effort
Case Study


A violent storm in Arizona, brought strong winds and hail – some as large as golf balls - to the greater Phoenix region. Widespread haildamage was caused to roofing systems on buildings and structures across the area, with the severity varying according to the size of the localized hail. Cotton Roofing was called in by national clients to inspect their properties for hail damage and rapidly added many new customers as awareness grew of the risk to property from not carrying out repairs.


Hail is almost unknown in Arizona, and Cotton’s roofing professionals real-ized that the need to make repairs quickly to avoid later water ingress was not clearly understood by many in the state. Consequently, building owners and managers were often slow to react, particularly where the damage appeared to them to be slight. The challenge for Cotton was to educate ownership groups, property managers and risk managers of the danger of leaving the damage unattended, in an effort to help them avoid costly emergency work in the months and years to come. Looking ahead, shorter production schedules necessitated by the upcoming summer heat repre-sent a logistical challenge to be tackled in the near future.


Cotton Roofing sent a team of national and regional directors, estimators and project managers to Phoenix to assist the local of-fice with consulting, site assessments, estimating and production following the sudden deluge of roofing work. Where appropriate, they also worked with customers and specific roofing system man-ufacturers to select alternative roofing systems suited to the local climate in terms of pricing and warranty. Skilled roofing crews undertook repairs while national production and sales personnel assisted as required. Cotton’s staffers also worked in conjunction with customers, accountants and the insurance community to help settle repair claims quickly.

Proven Experience, Powerful Results

Cotton Roofing continues to apply its professional expertise in-specting, repairing, and reroofing damage caused by the massive hail storm. Meanwhile, new opportunities continue to arise in the Phoenix area on a consistent basis, stemming from national account referrals and local networking. This event has further propelled the existing day-to-day operations of Cotton in Arizona and has set the stage for the expansion of roofing services into the West coast region.

“I am extremely pleased with our Arizona team and the progress they have made the past 6 months. I feel we have met and exceeded our clients expectations from a service stand-point. Cotton Roofing has gained many new clients both from the private sector as well as the insurance com-munity through this hail event. We are excited about the partnerships we’ve built and look for-ward to servicing these clients into the future.”

Executive Vice President
Roofing Division